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Easily integrate in-app subscriptions

Add all kinds of in-app purchases to your app in a minutes. Get subscription state of any user through powerful SDKs. Validate in-app purchases and implement subscription offers with no server code.

Our SDKs are simple and powerful. Implement in-app purchases without writing a single line of a custom code and setting up own server.

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Forget about saving expiration date in the app local storage. Unlock premium features for iOS user if they purchased a subscription on Android and vice-versa.

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Securely validate App Store and Google Play receipts. Prevent fraud transactions and do not unlock premium features for cheaters.

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Send subscription events to your server via webhooks. This might be useful if you have in-house analytics or want to implement custom logics.

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Provide a discount for lapsed customers by using promotional offers. Check user eligibility to purchase promotional offer using our SDK. No server required.

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All our SDKs are completely open source.

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Got a question?

What SDKs do you have?
We have iOS SDK written in Swift and Android SDK written in Kotlin. Our SDKs are open-source and published here.
Do I need to rewrite my purchase flow using Apphud SDK?
No. You don’t need to replace your existing code with Apphud SDK. You can run Apphud in observer mode and only listen for purchases.
Do you have a REST API?
Yes. We have REST API to get current customer by their user ID. REST API is available on paid plans.
What are Webhooks? Do you have any?
Apphud can send POST requests to your server about subscription events. These requests are called Webhooks (server-to-server notifications). They are available on paid plans. You can use these events to implement custom logics or send data to in-house analytics. Read more about webhooks here.
What will happen if your server is down? Is Apphud stable?
Apphud is absolutely stable. Most of the data is cached on device. However, if there are issues with subscription verification, our SDK tries to re-submit data until success.
Can I use Apphud to sign my subscription offers?
Yes, you can. Just follow this guide.
Have more questions?
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Getting started is easy. Try Apphud today